Why 90s cartoons are better

An example was one of Beavis' favorite games, or maybe it was his alter ego, a character only known as Cornholio. This other personality didn't have a very complex vocabulary and his wants were modest. All he wanted was "TP," also known as "toilet paper. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is one of the few cartoons from the s that was clearly made for adults.

Kids would be entertained momentarily by the bright colors of the set and background, which is deliberately set up to look cheap and vintage in a comic book way, but the dialogue and format would go over their heads.

Virtually no other cartoon has been made in this particular format because it barely even worked the first time. It's less about the jokes, which are actually pretty smart, but the way the show dates itself with old pop culture references. It's Johnny Carson in cartoon form, and if viewers don't know who that is, this show might not work for them. Part of the charm at the time was the novelty, but this cartoon should remain in the past unless they updated it. There's no way this not-so-subtle joke about an underage kid having a porno stash would fly today.

A lot of what this notorious trio got up to was borderline anyway, living in a neighborhood that seemed suspiciously adult-free, and the occasional reference to "gentleman's magazines" was pretty obvious. It's hysterical considering everyone grew up with a secret stash of whatever.

Even so, there's no way it would be in a cartoon today unless it was on HBO Max. Rocko, the main character of Rocko's Modern Life , is a modest little wallaby who lives in a quaint little neighborhood. It sounds so idyllic, but watching the show will explain why it raised a few eyebrows back then and today. They are the repetitive, plain story, full of fight stories. Sometimes, when I see a kid watching modern cartoons a question arises in my mind- "why is this on tv? These are not good for new generations.

I don't understand them anymore and what lesson are they trying to give? Kids do copy what they see, It's better not to show all these crap " I found myself attached to old classic cartoons and want them back on the air to show my baby boy. They were so funny, realistic, less annoying, propagate moral story, interesting, and a good storyline with good humour. By Dan Scotti. Simone Becchetti. Here are 15 reasons why kids who grew up watching cartoons have it better. They were something to wake up for.

You could draw them. They showed you it was OK to be politically incorrect at times. You realized life could be really gross. There always was a lesson. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Search Submit Search. Activate Search. Scroll to Top. Close Modal Window. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Spam Control Field. Verification Field.


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