Who owns the house kurt cobain died in

They insisted on keeping the blood-stained hardwoods in that infamous room. Shortly after closing, they began drawing pentagrams on the floor where the suicide murder? Quite odd, I thought, but hey, a sale is a sale. I thought the previous owner tore the green house down? So to get this straight. The people who purchased it after Kurt, tore the green house down, but kept the blood soaked wood to draw pentagrams on it?

In chalk? Bill and Melinda Gates have never owned that house, much less wrote anything in the room where Kurt died. The greenhouse was torn down years ago! You sound like you believe in Qanon too, with your silly stories.

How in the world would you know such a thing? He passed on my my birthday April 5th. They found him April 8th and bv they determined that he had been dead for 3 days. His other home in Hollywood hills was just sold too.. Just visited it recently it was all boarded up. It was cool to see it. We took are children here a few years ago now there teens.

We've received your submission. The Seattle home where Kurt Cobain took his own life over 27 years ago has found a new owner, The Post can report. The Nirvana frontman was discovered on the property, which he shared with wife Courtney Love, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 5, , at Euyang Walter Jr. However, the home quietly sold on Aug.

In May, the FBI and Seattle Police released never before seen photos and documents of the death scene along with details about the events and theories surrounding it. Made up of four bedrooms and five baths, the home spans over 7, square feet and is situated on nearly an acre of land with views of Lake Washington. She later sold it. Maybe she was buying it back. The house was sort of hard to find, but much harder to see! Our gps took us to the right area, but the house is so overgrown with greenery, it's like a fortress just to snap a photo!

You must be determined to get a good photo opp. From Viretta Park, I believe it's only a mile around the corner. Then we looped around onto 39th Ave. There are steps behind one of the benches in Viretta Park, and we are not sure if those lead to a better view of Kurt's home.

There were lots of messages written, pics drawn, notes left, and flowers left at the benches in Viretta Park. Our favorite part was the drive around Mt. Washington to get there. It's in a very upscale neighborhood, not a place I expected to find Kurt's house as he seemed very down to earth. Reviewed by Barbara and Vince Dobilas. Vince was determined to find this house and we drove around for 45 minutes before we actually did. He practically had to crawl under the fence to get a picture but the view from the front was easier to access.

The homes in Seattle are very old but beautiful if you like old homes like me. We drove to a upscale neighborhood where the wealthy live and there was the house full of thick vegetation and a very cool little park right next door to his house.

The view was incredible but the small memorial park to Cobain next to his house gave it a special feel. He was a big Icon to Seattle and the house will always be a monument in his memory. I really enjoyed my visit to the house where his sad ending took place! This house will be etched in history forever for the king of grunge rock! Be the first to add a review to the Kurt Cobain's House.

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