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Again, this is most noticeable in the back of the belt and especially when there is a single belt keeper in the back middle of the pants instead of two keepers These belts will curve less than a lighter weight belt. For the most resistance to this, our Steel Core Belt is recommended. Some people even say they thread their belts the opposite direction every now and then to even out the curving. Really not necessary, but other than perhaps being a bit uncomfortable won't hurt anything.

So to close. The Curving of your belt is just it molding to your particular body style. It will not affect the performance of the belt and in the ends makes it more comfortable! We use cookies on our website to give you the best shopping experience.

No need to wait for the return of music festivals. Take notes from Miller and her Isabel Marant belt covered in silvery accents. The unexpected hue will make those T-shirt -and- jeans combos look chic. Emilia Clarke. Acne Masculine thing bet. Shop Now. Banana Republic reversible leather belt. Madewell medium perfect leather belt.

Golden Goose Houston leather belt. Dior saddle belt. Gucci leather belt. Fendi leather belt. Waist belts remain popular to this day but ladies have also been using belts for trousers since the s. Today Over centuries, the evolution of this essential accessory has been impressive and certain kinds of belts can instantly signify a time and place in fashion history for certain professions.

The variety of belts has exploded during the last years: from classic belts to braided belts, from sports belts to dress belts, from belts made out of faux leather to exotic leathers, from elastics to wool, you can find virtually any kind of belt in numerous colours. Even tough functional belts like for the modern handyman with his tools in the belt still exist, the belt is no longer a utilitarian accessory but an ornamental one which plays an important role in ever-changing fashion trends.

For women, the belt has transformed into an essential fashion piece with the potential to be beautiful and sophisticated. Long gone are the days, when belts were limited to just holding a piece of garment in place: nowadays, it can harmonise an entire outfit when combined with other accessories such as handbags and shoes, add class or colour to a casual outfit, flatter fuller figures or draw attention to a small waist. The latest example of a woman fully integrating belts into her style is Michele Obama who wore various widths of belts over dresses, cardigans and even coats.

Our braided wool belt Federico. Check out the belt here. For men the belt has become the most common accessory. Not wearing one almost gives the impression that you were too rushed and frazzled in the morning to check your outfit in the mirror. Only in rare instances does an outfit without a belt look complete.

It has become somewhat of an unspoken law to match the colour of the belt with the colour of the shoes; That is especially true for suit shoes. Thinking about stepping up your belt-game? Check out our belt collection for men and women. To be able to use Dalgado in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

Search Search. Pictures by Mike Bishop Other Meanings The belt, however, has not only played an important role in military and, later, in fashion but also in dream interpretation in some cultures.


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